New Beginnings

I’m starting this website to help me better retain the interesting things I learn and to share them with others. It will also get me into the habit of writing, which comes with numerous benefits, plus finishing a piece of writing and publishing it simply feels good.

Yes, not many people will see these posts but helping just one person will make this new writing habit worth it. One of the primary reasons I’ve decided to start this website is to make it easier to complete future projects, such as writing a book or creating YouTube videos. Who knows how much I’ll write or how regularly I’ll post, but the main thing is I’ve written and published this today, which is one of the most important elements when starting something new.

So my reasons for starting this website are:

  1. It will help with retaining new information.
  2. I’ll build a new feel-good health habit.
  3. Help people who come across the website.
  4. Future projects will be easier to complete.

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